Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In meeting with a client today, I was reminded of the importance of mantra.  Guy Kawasaki makes much of this in several of his books.  Mantra is really the heart of what all components of the business grow out of.  For example, Black Marble Consulting helps innovators transform their ideas into strategic documents.  This clearly states who I help (innovators), what I do (transform their ideas) and the final product (strategic documents).  I have recently considered revising this mantra because what I do - I really imbed in business and help them make money by evaluating decisions in the business.

Further, this economy provides great opportunity for consultants and experts to provide insights.  I just had a great meeting with the founder of The Default News today as a potential client.  It was inspiring to see how this real estate crisis was giving her an opportunity to grow her business.  You have to look to your mantra and the environment - there is value you can add!

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