Thursday, February 26, 2009

Building Bridges

I mentioned in an earlier post about the nature of relationships being key to a selling process and today I had another insight about it.  People who don't build relationships don't understand why it is so important.  At times individuals will look to the work you do and question why it is valuable - the reality is relationships build into sales, commitment and effective business.

Another reason we needed to connect with relationships is sometimes relationships sour. Eventually, time passes, the "water flows under the bridge" and it is time to reach out to build a new bridge.  Bridges literally span gaps over hazards or impassable terrain.  The same holds true in business and life.  We have to work to establish bridgeheads or points of commonality with others.  It may not work.  Bridges do fail - but at least you know you have tried to build again.

I was asked today what I thought I would bring to a sales effort - my answer - relationships and a willingness to simply work on connecting with people.  This answer was met with some derision.  I found this odd considering how beleaguered the project is, particularly the credibility of it.  Upon reflection, it was clear, my relationships were not being viewed in the full light of the work I had done in the community.  Further, my relationships potentially being more effective with this project would reflect poorly on the existing team.  Either way, I can be assured that I tried to build the bridge.

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