Friday, February 20, 2009

Patterns and Perception

Do you ever just see how things connect? Does your work seem to connect you to different ideas and people which cause you to see the strategy behind apparently disparate activities? That is part of why I love my business. I get to interact with people of various businesses and disciplines all day! What fun.

One of the patterns which I love to discover is when one insight is translatable to multiple clients or scenarios. For example, today in a West Orange County Legislative Committee meeting - which is a gathering of local, state and federal legislative aids and Chambers of Commerce representatives, the issue of collaboration came up. Later, with two other situations, we discussed the importance of collaboration to the success of their business. In one case it had to do with staff and in another it was finding a way to make a product more accessible. It even was an issue in my home life as my partner and I discussed collaborating more effectively to reach certain goals in our financial life. This concept of collaboration was a pattern that was a clear focus for my day today. On a side note, tomorrow I will be working with four other judges to evaluate five finalist for the "Most Luxurious Home" in Seal Beach - should be great fun. Stay tuned!

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