Sunday, September 27, 2009

Moving and a good photo

So this really nice photo was taken of Anthony and I by our friend Scott D. (thanks!) at Bryce & Annika's wedding last weekend. I wrote about it in an earlier entry (Weddings, Friends & the Circle of Life). In addition, I had the opportunity to help our cousin Susan (and her significant other, Sean) , move today.

Wow do I hate moving! It is such an unpleasant task, but it did give me 4+ hours of steady, low intensity cardio and lifting work. Couches, foldout beds, dining room tables and televisions (not flat screens) are really bloody heavy! We moved them from Long Beach into Seal Beach. What does this have to do with business? Well, in a phrase - opportunity cost! Remember gentle reader, that all the actions we take have a direct cost in the form of what else we could have been doing other than what we chose to do. For example, Folsom Street Fair was this weekend - special shout out to all those who might read my blog who went - as it is a Bachnallian festival of unbridled sexual and physical abandon - would we have loved to have gone? Sure! Could I have done paying client work on Sunday rather than move them? Sure! Could Anthony and I have done something else? Sure!

Instead, we opted to help. So remember to evaluate not just the effort the activity itself but the lost opportunity for other activities. Next time, I think I will just contribute in some other equally meaningful way for the move. Still, happy to have done it. What opportunity cost example can you identify in the last week?

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