Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Truth and Lies

I recently had an experience that reminded me about the importance of integrity. The world we are in (at least the developed world) has become remarkably "flat" - in the sense that most facts about people are relatively easily and quickly verifiable. If you have ever been published, photographed, written content or submitted your work, you are likely "googleable" - plus, what is the point of fabricating about yourself?

In business as in life, the consequences can be dire. You can lose not only a friend, but potentially contracts, jobs and even your own self worth if you are not careful. We all may exagerate or enhance who and what we are, but outright fabrication is truly a karmic irony. I also wanted to share love and fondness for two of my friends who I haven't seen since I moved to the West Coast - Brad and Mark. The three of us were like the three muskateers of fundraising for the Sapphire Fund and I miss them. Both are men of great integrity and I am happy to be in the "three monkeys pose" of See, Hear and Speak No Evil! Miss you guys! So remember gentle reader - honesty is the best policy!

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