Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twitter like a business plan?

Ok, so why is Twitter like a business plan? Because both are ultimately burst style communications.

People like to think that a business plan is an involved document with labyrinthine financials, compelling marketing or segment analysis, strong managment bios and a fully articulated executive summary. The irony is that while some of that may be true, the best business plans I have written and have been funded are relatively short (usually less than 25 pages) and as Guy Kawasaki says in The Art of the Start, emerges from a mantra. I have spoken about this before in the blog. The mantra is really a core statement of purpose and explanation for the business model.

Twitter requires you to get your thought across in 140 characters. Can you express your business in that short a window (including spaces & puncuation)? I can. Black Marble Consulting: helps innovators transform their ideas into strategic documents. That is 64 characters and eight words. So remember to try to distill your ideas into clear, burst style communciations. You can always talk more, but if you are inefficient communicating an idea from the get go, it only annoys and confuses your listener. Go ahead and try it! When you have an idea you need to get across - be brief, be clear and be passionate.

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