Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nominal Group Technique

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Nominal Group Technique (NGT) session for Command College at a police department. It was a facinating exercise where key stakeholders came together with a facilitator (who was a police officer working through a graduate like course) to examine an issue in alignment with both trends and events.

What it reminded me of as a business advocate and consultant is the myriad of factors which play a role in business life. My role as a consultant is to evaluate the business and create strategic documents (plans) which help predict events and improve outcomes (usually sales and profitablility). This NGT experience was a tool which use in our businesses and communities. Special thanks to the SB Police Department for including me in the focus group. The key issue was the potential decentralization and diffusing of the typical police hierarchy via a neighborhood policing model. It reminded me that many of the services we expect as residents and business owners, like police and fire / emergency response services are also employees who need a paycheck. What happens when a community goes bankrupt? When police are placed in a a position where side jobs are no longer a consideration but a necessity. How does that change services? Makes you think.

ps - why this photo? Cause I liked it! lol

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