Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weddings, friends and the Circle of Life

This weekend I had the opportunity to do two very special things:
  • Attended an amazing wedding of my friends Bryce & Annika. They have somethings in common with Anthony and I. They are a mixed nation couple as well (Swedish & US) as Anthony and I are (UK & US). It was a gorgeous ceremony on Naples Island and a fantastic reception.
  • Crewed for a triathlon team for a relay. The Long Beach Triathlon occured this morning and Dave, Julio and Scott all did one leg of the relay. Their time was just under an hour and half. It was amazing to see the dedication of the participants. Not to mention they were all up around 4 am or so to be in position by 6:30 am or so. I met Chris McCormack who was super cool and very chill. Talk about being in front of the pack - he did this tri in under 53 minutes.
What do these two things have to do with small business and this blog? Well, both events were directly related to clients. Thankfully, they both have become more than just clients, they have become friends and advocates for Black Marble Consulting and me personally. Also, it was amazing to meet Chris (though it was just for a couple of minutes), he is an inspiration for performance in all things - not just athletics. We are all part of the Circle of Life in our business, athletic and personal lives.

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