Sunday, December 6, 2009

A changing view

While in the Christmas Parade on Friday night, I realized that there are multiple perspectives for an event:

- Participant or attraction
- Driver or facilitator
- Spectator or receiver
- Business or beneficiary

Each of these "roles" has a perspective on the parade itself. There are the insiders and those simply on the outside or affected by the event. What I found most interesting was that I got to be part of all four viewpoints. In the days before the parade, I helped various clients who would be affected by the extra people in town prepare for the parade or have an entry coordinated into it. Prior to the parade the night of, I was walking around as a spectator, as well as at the very end. In the early part, I went through as a participant in it and then later as a driver for Congressman Dana Rohrbacher. Though I might disagree with the Congressman on many social issues, I was a bit embarrassed at how many rude statements were yelled at him. This was a family event with many young children and this was a Congressman. It helped me understand the hurt public servants might feel because others don't agree.

How often do you change your position in order to understand what is happening in your business or non-profit? Do you make an effort not just to see from the perspective of owner, but also as a customer or competitor? What about as simply a nearby business or brand?

Remember to take a different view and remember not to be hateful - it just looks bad on you and doesn't engender any extra positive feelings from the one you are criticizing.

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