Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pain & Care

Pain is an amazing thing. It signals to the body tissue damage, it is a reflection of the psychic energy imbalance that we experience, and it can drive us to distraction or achievement. This week I was reminded of the reality of pain. On Friday I was moving some hay bales for a community Tree lighting and then on Saturday I lifted legs and did some deep squats.

By Monday, I knew that was a mistake. Hardly able to get out of bed and in serious pain, I went to the Urgent Care and $140 later, I had a couple of prescriptions and some bed rest ordered.

Being highly active both physically and mentally and then being forced into bed reminded me of the importance of taking care of yourself. Thankfully I am blessed with a very robust constitution and have bounced back to about 70% by today, Thursday. As I mentioned in an earlier post about being superhuman, remember the importance to being kind to yourself and your body. Realize that no one can take care of the money making machine that is your body other than you!

When you hurt - go get checked out. I know it is expensive and time consuming - trust me, without insurance, I really get it! You have to be gentle with yourself! Use the pain as nature intended it, to warn you that you have done something wrong to your body or that your body needs extra attention. Pain isn't a necessarily a bad (though it is uncomfortable) thing, rather something which is a forceful reminder of our limitations and mortality.

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