Sunday, December 20, 2009

Supes & Geekiness

If you could be a superhero (supe), who would you be?

I have to say, that for me, Firestorm the Nuclear Man (the first one), wins hands down. A fusion between a high school jock (Ronnie Raymond) and a Nobel laureate physics professor (Dr. Martin Stein), Firestorm is the perfect duality between brains and brawn. In addition, his super power, the control of the atomic structure of all material objects, transformation, transmutation, atomic blast, flight and superhuman strength, endurance and performance all seem practically peerless. At the same time, he isn't as well know or well established like Superman or Batman. He exudes both tremendous power and the lack of certainty that his dominant personality (Ronnie) has as a new and essentially accidental supe. Much like Spider-Man, Firestorm has his personal life constantly interfering with his supe life and he must always struggle to balance the two. He also struggles with his identity and purpose in life. His powers provide the ability to change the world in dramatic ways yet they do not ever give him the best insight for how to use them effectively to help himself.

What does this have to do with consulting? Well, first off, I have to thank for this inspiration one of my Twitter friends (@cratledge) and the great, quick conversation we had this morning about supes and their affect on our lives. As adults, we often forget the formative impact that hobbies and activities from our youth have on our development. Firestorm, as a character is an example of the ultimate control of his environment that is tortured with a dual nature on the inside. Often times, as a consultant, we have tremendous impact on a business, but we like Dr. Martin, are not the prime mover within it. We can only advise and inform, not always make decisions. That is the struggle that I face with many clients. We know the right moves for others, but sometimes even struggle to make them in own business and life.

Try to think about what supe you would be. Manifest their best attributes and ignore their faults. Sometimes channeling a little superhero is good for the soul and for perspective in your own life and business.

Did I mention Firestorm is freaking hot & sexy? Ok, I admit it, I was a bit in love with him too. . . lol.

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