Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Dinner

What kind of family dinner did you have growing up? I would suggest that the kind of dinner you experienced tends to reflect the kind of professional you are today. Did you sit around the TV as a family? Were you allowed to eat alone or did you generally? Were your siblings present? Did the adults have one conversation while the kids talked about something else?

These questions should trigger some fairly clear memories about what your dinners were like. I for one had dinners that were filled with dialogue. We had to not only share about our day, but to talk about meaningful topics of the day. My father in particular was one to launch a discussion about the role of art in education, the nature of materialism, the power of excellence or a myriad of other topics. Dinner was a time to assert a position, provide feedback and to consider the sources of information available.

Fellow entrepreneurs are often people who seem comfortable having ideas and communication constantly percolating. They are not always the most loquacious, but they are generally opinionated. They tend not to be managers who seem to have a need to be compliant or conciliatory. They express themselves with passion and drive. I have noticed the same trend with teachers (at least good ones). Do you take time at family dinner to talk or is it just a time to watch TV and veg out? I would say, turn that TV off! We only have each minute once, never to be repeated! Take hold of them and use them to your advantage as often as possible.

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