Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Inconvenient Conveniences

Today, I thought I had it all planned out. Client meetings in the AM, a power lunch with a business leader and potential client from the Chamber. A trip via an unbelievably fast and hot car (one like it pictured - except this was a 2004 Saleen with white rims and even more detail) to a warehouse to pick up some "will call" ordered stock for a client and then an awesome chest workout with my trainer Vidal and circle back to a meeting with a rep from a publication for appetizers and drinks. Finally wrap it up with more client work, some content generation and potentially a healthy dinner at home.

Some days, things just don't happen the way they are supposed to. After a great morning, I started on my car quest for inventory items. First stop, smooth sailing. The next however was a warehouse of truly titanic proportions. Add to this that "will call" was not well labeled and that everyone working in the warehouse was not accustomed to dealing with customers, particularly when the paperwork had not all arrived. Thank goodness I speak some Spanish (albeit poorly) and was able to be somewhat interactive. Congratulating myself on my creative problem solving, I zipped out of the warehouse running only 30 minutes late. Convertible filled with boxes and bikes, I eventually found the 405 freeway and got off at my exit. Immediately following my exit, while merging to a major intersection light, the car stalled.

"Hmm - that is strange!" I thought. Trying to restart, while coasting to the red light, I expected all to be well in hand. No such luck. The car was dead, and the cars behind me were more than a bit upset. Undaunted, I got out of the car and leaned in to push it to the shoulder, all the while cars passing me on either side, yelling expletives and honking (as if I intended to inconvenience them.) Thankfully two good Samaritians came and assisted me - we pushed it through the intersection and then into a gas station.

Called AAA and thought - well, at least I can still make my 4 pm appointment. By 6 pm, still no flat bed, a mistaken tow truck, and continued errors by AAA, I realized that the "convenience" of running these errands ended up being quite the false economy. If I had shipped them, I would have gotten those four hours of my life back and still gotten the product in the time I needed it. The meetings would have happened on schedule and life would have moved in a very different way. So just think before you move to do something yourself to "save time" because it may be anything but a time saver!

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