Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Rush & Service

What is your customer service mantra? How do you measure your own commitment to the success of your clients? During the holidays, the sense of urgency often may diminish the commitment to providing a consistently high level of service. This hurried state of mind distracts us from the need to listen carefully, process what the customer is saying and meeting their needs.

One of the ways you can measure your commitment is by repeating back what the customer wants. I have found as simple as it sounds, it prevents confusion later. Another key way to "hurry up and slow down" is by scheduling plenty of time for activities. By having appointments, you block out time and can focus on the client when they are most ready to share information with you.

This holiday, just be careful of being in too much of a rush and losing site of where you money truly comes from, the customers you serve.

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