Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home cooking

Earlier this week, I talked about the family dinner. In this post, I wanted to turn our attention to how you prepare food in your own home. Do you cook once a week, several times or every night? Do you prefer to have partially prepared foods (like frozen or steam in a bag vegetables) or work from organic / scratch ingredients? Do you like to bake? How much time do you spend preparing food?

Gee, why would I ask all of this? Well, simply, food preparation is one of the activities that many entrepreneurs never seem to have time for. We go out to eat, we ask our spouse to cook or we live on TV diners. Sound familiar? What we don't take into consideration is that the work of preparing food and then eating it is a more holistic approach for our bodies and minds. We expect our bodies to perform at high levels, but we don't necessarily give it the best fuel. Here are some tips about prepping food for those who are "too busy" to cook:

1. Set aside one block of time a week to grocery shop & cook. Just one.
2. Plan a meal you enjoy eating.
3. Cook for at least four - you can eat the leftovers later or make your own "TV dinners"
4. Where you can, buy organic and free range on all meats. They hold better in cooking and the micro-nutrients in the food are more balanced.
5. If you are not comfortable as a cook, follow a recipe. Work on recipes that are simple, clear and don't have many unusual ingredients or holding/prep times.
6. Turn on some music and relax into it!
7. Clean as you go. Often you will have a few minutes between steps to clean cutting boards, bowls and other items.

Hope that you have a fun time with it! Write a comment if you have a question!

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